God’s Agenda for the Ages | A Study of Prophecy


Discover Where We Are On God’s Timeline

We live in a prophetic hour. The signs are everywhere! Bible prophecy is being fulfilled before our eyes, and believers must be aware of what is happening.

Now in this Benny Hinn School of Ministry series, you will discover where we are on God’s timeline:

• What is God doing on planet Earth to prepare for end-time events?
• How does the nation of Israel figure into God’s timetable?
• What is happening with the rise of the anti-Christ?
• What are the signs of Christ’s return?
• What will happen before, during, and after the Rapture of believers?

You’ll see amazing graphic video footage from Holy Land sites where Bible prophecy is already occurring.

Get ready now for what will happen in the days to come through this time-sensitive study of God’s Agenda for the Ages: A Study of Prophecy!


This course includes over 11 hours of teaching plus several additional related videos lessons, audio lessons and related articles from our Your Life e-Magazine and Daily Manna.

  1. Lesson 1: The Foundation (103 Minutes)
  2. Lesson 2: History’s Pages (98 Minutes)
  3. Lesson 3: The Rapture of the Church (70 Minutes)
  4. Lesson 4: The Challenge (96 Minutes)
  5. Lesson 5: God’s Prophetic Voice (95 Minutes)
  6. Lesson 6: The Importance of Prophecy (102 Minutes)
  7. Lesson 7: The Anti-Christ (79 Minutes)
  8. Lesson 8: The Millennial Reign and Beyond (66 Minutes)



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