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The Benny Hinn School of Ministry Online | Countless Hours of New Courses and Learning Resources

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The Benny Hinn School of Ministry Online | All New Study Tools and Learning Resources

Discover the future of biblical studies with enhanced teaching tools

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Gain access to a wide variety of exclusive resources—hundreds of hours of digital content, tools for Bible research, critical insight, spiritual nourishment, and an invaluable library and more…

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“I’m thrilled for you to see all the new features, from networking with fellow students around the globe to accessing special groups, forums, student profiles, and more to discuss course topics, share your thoughts, and cultivate friendships with other believers from around the world! God has shown me the need to help raise up a new generation of bold, effective leaders who will take the message of salvation and healing to the nations, and this is the next bold step! I know you will be blessed and strengthened for service as you begin your own path of study.”

Pastor Benny Hinn

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The Benny Hinn School of Ministry | Student Testimonies

“As a college student, I didn’t think I could take on any other commitments, but the flexibility of these on-demand courses and on the anointing on my course was so strong, I knew that it was time well invested. Thank you Pastor Benny!”

Armando V – Student
Lady playing tennis

“These classes have revolutionized my Bible studies, and connecting with other students around the globe has transformed my life with such encouragement and shared faith.”

F.C., Student

“I work unusual hours on my job, so it is hard to take Bible classes in a traditional setting. Benny Hinn School of Ministry online is perfect for me. I can set my own schedule, yet I am learning so much! And being able to link with other students is awesome!”

Pete, Student