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“I’m thrilled for you to see all the new features, from networking with fellow students around the globe to accessing special groups, forums, student profiles, and more to discuss course topics, share your thoughts, and cultivate friendships with other believers from around the world! God has shown me the need to help raise up a new generation of bold, effective leaders who will take the message of salvation and healing to the nations, and this is the next bold step! I know you will be blessed and strengthened for service as you begin your own path of study.”

Pastor Benny Hinn

With the latest technologies utilized by the School of Ministry, instant access provides a powerful common bond with other students around the globe and an exciting network of study, prayer, and ministry connections.

Student Profile

You have a unique identity in the School of Ministry as you connect with administrators and other students around the world with your profile. Develop your own networks for study, prayer, and fellowship! Update your profile anytime.

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Progress Tracking

Easily follow your individual progress through each class by checking your progress bar each day. It is prominently displayed so that you know exactly how far you have progressed towards earning your certificate.

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Live Chat/Forums

As a student of the NEW Benny Hinn School of Ministry you can be part of exclusive course chat and forums as you network with like-minded students from around the world for fellowship, caring, sharing, and connecting.

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Online Bible Tools

In addition to our feature packed online bible from Biblia, use other powerful online tools in multiple languages to read, search, and study God’s Word, as well at accessing a massive virtual library of research materials and tools.

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Internet Radio

In cooperation with Benny Hinn Ministries, access online and portable radio programming which provides 24 hours of anointed teaching and worship music to compliment your bible studies.

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Your Life E-Magazine

Grow into a deeper fellowship with God through insight and news from around the globe. Discover all that He wants you to become through hundreds of exclusive inspirational materials for you.

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Verse of the Day

Start every day with a fresh word and this powerful Bible verse feature as you take an incredible spiritual journey while you discover God’s deep desire for intimacy with you through His precious Word.

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Related Video Library

Access a library of video-on-demand This Is Your Day, Manna From Heaven, Periscope messages, and special teaching videos that span a quarter-century of anointed, powerful teachings.

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Manna From Heaven

Benny Hinn School of Ministry Online offers the archived teaching series Manna From Heaven. Launched in September 2005, these powerful, unmistakably anointed programs are available to you anytime.

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Digital Downloads

As a student of the NEW Benny Hinn School of Ministry, you have access to a wide variety of FREE downloads and digital content, including audio & video downloads. Enjoy dozens of hours of new teachings.

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Course Certificate

Upon successful completion of each course, you will receive a beautiful certificate, ready to be framed and proudly displayed in your home or office. Each new certificate an impressive addition to your collection of achievements.

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Pastor Benny’s Notes

Thousands of hours of Pastor Benny’s personal Bible studies are reflected in the dozens of hours of in-depth content available to you as a School of Ministry student. Some of which have never been seen before publicly.

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Resource Library

Each course includes unique supplemental learning content to enhance your understanding of the subject matter and for fun! The resource library will be your one stop for articles, inspirational images, videos and more.

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Download Documents

Download lesson notes, outlines, pictures, Bible verses and more. You can build your own journal of notes and related material to keep and share with your family and friends for years to come–all included with your course.

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All New Courses

In addition to our core curriculum we have added Jesus in the Tabernacle and and have many more courses that are in the final stages of development right now. Prepare to draw closer to our Lord Jesus you grow in the Spirit.

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Shareable Content

Although much of the content in the school is intended to accompany each course to enhance your learning experience, we have added articles, pictures and more to share freely with your family and friends or on social media.

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A Special Word From Pastor Benny

“Though I have taught the Old Testament for over three and a half decades, I am often amazed at how much God’s Word continues to be revealed as I study deeper and deeper, as if seeing with new eyes. It is my prayer that The Hiding God will change your life forever!”

Pastor Benny Hinn


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