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“The classes we have attended have impacted our lives in such a powerful way.  Our personal walk with the Lord has deepened tremendously.  The truths and principles given by Pastor Benny are so relevant, fresh and yet timeless.  You don’t hear this kind of teaching any where else in the world.  We prayed for years to sit under Pastor Benny and have him teach us the Word.  This is an answer to prayer for us!  Also, because of our attendance in this class, Pastor Benny made known to us the need that still remained for the victims of the Katrina Hurricane.  We traveled the New Orleans area and served at a relief center, we personally won 18 people to the Lord in 2 days!  To God be the Glory.”

Jonathan & Noemi
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“My deepest desire is to be used by God as a useful and efficient tool for His kingdom. I have seen the power of God whenever I went to Pastor Benny’s crusades or the TV Taping. Seeing the miracles there caused me to want to more about God’s anointing. I have attended all of the classes at the Signs and Wonders School of Ministry and have been blessed by Pastor’s teachings. Now, my Associate Pastor and his wife will be attending our next class “God’s Agenda for the Ages”. Praise the Lord!!”

Susie Pio

“We consider ourselves extremely blessed to attend these most exceptional classes offered by Benny Hinn. My wife and I have been avid listeners to a vast array of the most gifted, anointed and scholastically acclaimed teachers for over 36 years, but have never attended a class as excellent and enjoyable as these. Pastor Benny’s knowledge of the scripture, thorough study of God’s Word, delivery, and anointing is most exemplary. The truths that have been imparted to us are absolutely priceless. We are very honored to be here. Pastor Benny is a fulfillment of Jer. 3:15 which says, “And I will give you pastors according to MINE heart, which shall feed you with knowledge and understanding.”

Bill and Annette

“I have been a student in Pastor Benny’s Signs and Wonders School of Ministry class for the past year. The class on “Divine Healing” has given me a more complete biblical understanding that it is God’s will to heal as much as it is God’s will to forgive sin. I am a Youth Pastor for students Jr. High and High School Students. During the class on “Deliverance from demons”, God spoke to me regarding one of the students in my youth group. God showed me that the root spirit in his life was a spirit of rejection. From the lessons I have learned in class this young man was set free from rejection!”

Pastor Ralph Giordano, Harbor Christian Center

“We are so thankful to Pastor Benny Hinn for the Signs and Wonders School of Ministry. Never before have we been able to get such in depth study and receive so much revelation from God’s Holy Word. Since taking these classes our church has seen healing miracles, demons expelled and people filled the Holy Ghost. It is just like the Book of Acts! Praise God for this school and for Pastor Benny Hinn’s ministry and for stretching our faith.”

Pastors Steven and Tina Fabretti, Gateway Christian Center

“As a Signs and Wonders School of Ministry student, Pastor Benny Hinn has imparted a great deal of God’s truths over the past courses into my learning and understanding of the Bible. I take very seriously the “Great Commission” Jesus has given to us, and through Pastor Benny’s class it is helping me to be equipped with the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, “for it is the power of God for salvation: (Romans 1:16). I commute one hour every Monday night to sit and learn from God’s anointed servant, Pastor Benny Hinn. The Lord has used Pastor Benny Hinn’s School of Ministry to help me to understand topics like what the bible has to say about Angels, operating in the anointing of God, divine healing deliverance from demons, and many more powerful topics. I would highly admonish anyone who truly wants to mature and grow in their understanding of the Bible and their faith in God to apply for the Signs and Wonders School of Ministry class sessions. It will wholeheartedly change your perspective about the Bible and God’s view of you.”

Avelon Sookdeo, Student

“I’m so blessed to be part of this Bible School. Through this teaching, I’m being feed with real spiritual food that has brought me the specific tools and spiritual weapons that every Christian needs to know. I am so thankful to the Lord for allowing me to receive this anointed and powerful teaching, my life has been changed, my eyes and my spiritual ears have been opened in a way that is preparing me for what the Lord has for me. I believe that every Christian needs to be a good soldier of Christ, and it’s through the impartation of the Word in your life that you will receive all these blessings.”

Gissella Barrantes

“What has impacted us the most about our experience while attending Pastor Benny’s class on “Deliverance from Demons” is the in depth of the teaching, Pastor’s humility, transparency, and his willingness to share his life with us. The scripture foundation given to support examples discussed during the teaching. Each member of our family has experienced deliverance prior to attending the class, along with a powerful introduction to the Holy Spirit and yet the depth of what we learn each week never classes to amaze us! Attending the classes together each week has served to strengthen our family bond and has allowed us to explore and discuss our common goals of serving the Lord and developing a more intimate relationship with the Holy Spirit.”

Dennis, Peggy, and Eric


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