Communing with God

Oh, What a Communion!

By Benny Hinn What does Scripture mean when it talks about “communion?” There are several meanings. First, the word “communion” means presence. God the Father’s desire for you is that the sweet presence of the Holy Spirit will be with you. The presence of the Holy Spirit is the presence of the Lord, and in […]

Practicing the Presence of God

Joy In His Presence

By Craig von Buseck It was a major time of transition in my life, and things didn’t appear to be working out. I was working for a ministry, but was having a hard time making ends meet. I was getting by month-to-month, but just barely. I was having a hard time maintaining my joy. I […]

lady sitting in a field against a free

God’s Voice & The Holy Spirit

By Benny Hinn When he rose from the dead, the Lord did something that He is still doing today; He spoke by the Holy Spirit. Scripture tells us that it was “through the Holy Spirit” that the Lord Jesus: “had given commandments to the apostles whom He had chosen” (Acts 1:2). The Holy Spirit is […]

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Growth in the Spirit

If you want the anointing of the Spirit to become evident in your life, it begins with an understanding of who He is, how He operates, and how you can enter into His fellowship. The Holy Spirit was not sent just to make you feel good. He’ll certainly do that, but He is much more. […]