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Recognizing God’s Voice

By Benny Hinn God has truly gifted my dear friend Jentezen Franklin as a powerful Bible teacher. That was never more evident than when he sat with me in the This Is Your Day! studio and poured out what the Lord has been showing him concerning hearing the voice of God—all of which he has […]

God Gives Us Great Dreams

By Kenneth C. Ulmer, PH. D. How is your joy of salvation? How deep is your love in the Lord? There’s a Jesus joy that comes from deep on the inside that’s based on our relationship with God. It assures us that we’re on our way to heaven and that we can enjoy our journey […]

Communing with God

Oh, What a Communion!

By Benny Hinn What does Scripture mean when it talks about “communion?” There are several meanings. First, the word “communion” means presence. God the Father’s desire for you is that the sweet presence of the Holy Spirit will be with you. The presence of the Holy Spirit is the presence of the Lord, and in […]

Practicing the Presence of God

Joy In His Presence

By Craig von Buseck It was a major time of transition in my life, and things didn’t appear to be working out. I was working for a ministry, but was having a hard time making ends meet. I was getting by month-to-month, but just barely. I was having a hard time maintaining my joy. I […]

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Refined In His Presence

By Madame Guyon God purifies your spirit through Wisdom as refiners do metals in the furnace. Gold cannot be purified except by fire, which consumes all that is earthly and foreign. The earthly part cannot be changed into gold. No, it must be melted and dissolved by force of the fire to separate every foreign […]