God Gives Us Great Dreams

By Kenneth C. Ulmer, PH. D.

How is your joy of salvation? How deep is your love in the Lord? There’s a Jesus joy that comes from deep on the inside that’s based on our relationship with God. It assures us that we’re on our way to heaven and that we can enjoy our journey along the way!

There are theological and biblical principles to what we are doing. When God says to go in and possess the land, go in and take over! Before we could travel into the deep waters with our church building project, we had to dream big first. It was a dream that came from God, a dream that encouraged us, inspired us, gave us a vision and a drive. That is what dreams do. Dreams put you on the right path and prod you to keep going every step of the way. But in order to keep going, you first have to get going!

Don’t fall into the trap of just dreaming all the time—act on your dreams. Make them happen! Bring them to reality. Remember: Thought creates! Get this information, this knowledge, into your spirit and start thinking about how to take God’s process and bring your vision to life.

Process is the engine that launches your dreams into reality. Process puts wind to the sails of your visions and ideas. Once you start following through and acting on your dreams, people will be amazed. Time will prove to them that you’re on the right track, that your dreams weren’t all that crazy; they just required a big God to bring them to reality! What a testimony—you’ll have an opportunity to point people to the real Master of business administration!

Don’t get discouraged. Your dreams won’t come to pass instantly, but as you work alongside God to bring your dreams to life, they will take off and soar. Never let go of your vision just because others can’t see it. It is your vision. Live it!

By knowledge the rooms are filled with all precious and pleasant riches. – Proverbs 24:4