Intimacy With God


Discover God’s Deep Desire For Intimacy With His Children

God desires fellowship with you, and He wants you to visit Him daily in the Holy of Holies. That should be our daily destination. And as you enter His presence there is a realm of communion that will change your life forever. Pastor Benny says:

“I have known for some time that the Lord was calling me to a much deeper walk with Him. I knew He wanted a great commitment to seek Him with all my being. This is the purpose for this teaching. It is my prayer that you will find amazing intimacy with Almighty God!”

How long has it been since you truly heard the voice of God talking to you? When was the last time?

Take an incredible spiritual journey and discover God’s deep desire for intimacy with His children. Pastor Benny brings his teaching to life by illustrating the process of moving through the Old Testament Tabernacle, from the Outer Court into the Holy Place and the Holy of Holies. This series includes:

• The Three Realms of Prayer
• Knocking on the Door of Heaven
• The Fragrance of the Lord
• The Bride of Christ
• The Four Realms of the Prophetic
• The Ministry of Intercession

With this Benny Hinn School of Ministry series, find the Lord God in the Holy of Holies and let Him draw you into His amazing presence.


This course includes over 7 hours of teaching plus several additional related videos lessons, audio lessons and related articles from our Your Life e-Magazine and Daily Manna.

  1. Lesson 1: 3 Realms of Prayer: Asking, Seeking and Knocking (110 Minutes)
  2. Lesson 2: 3 Realms of Prayer: Asking, Seeking and Knocking (44 Minutes)
  3. Lesson 3: Knocking on Heaven’s Door (64 Minutes)
  4. Lesson 4: The Fragrance of the Lord (78 Minutes)
  5. Lesson 5: The Bride of Christ (92 Minutes)
  6. Lesson 6: The Four Realms of the Prophetic (33 Minutes)
  7. Lesson 7: The Ministry of Intercession (23 Minutes)


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