God Gives Us Great Dreams

By Kenneth C. Ulmer, PH. D. How is your joy of salvation? How deep is your love in the Lord? There’s a Jesus joy that comes from deep on the inside that’s based on our relationship with God. It assures us that we’re on our way to heaven and that we can enjoy our journey […]

Communing with God

Oh, What a Communion!

By Benny Hinn What does Scripture mean when it talks about “communion?” There are several meanings. First, the word “communion” means presence. God the Father’s desire for you is that the sweet presence of the Holy Spirit will be with you. The presence of the Holy Spirit is the presence of the Lord, and in […]

Practicing the Presence of God

Joy In His Presence

By Craig von Buseck It was a major time of transition in my life, and things didn’t appear to be working out. I was working for a ministry, but was having a hard time making ends meet. I was getting by month-to-month, but just barely. I was having a hard time maintaining my joy. I […]

Practicing the Presence of God Blog Article

Refined In His Presence

By Madame Guyon God purifies your spirit through Wisdom as refiners do metals in the furnace. Gold cannot be purified except by fire, which consumes all that is earthly and foreign. The earthly part cannot be changed into gold. No, it must be melted and dissolved by force of the fire to separate every foreign […]


Are You an Eagle Christian

By Benny Hinn The Bible has much to say about the mighty eagle: As an eagle stirreth up her nest, fluttereth over her young, spreadeth abroad her wings, taketh them, beareth them on her wings: So the Lord alone did lead him. (Deuteronomy 32:11-12) There be three things which are too wonderful for me, yea, four […]


Are You Available to the Lord Today

By Benny Hinn Always remember that it’s not ability but our availability that matters to God. When we make ourselves available to Him for service, we become a channel that He can anoint to bring His healing power and presence to the lives of others. The same thing takes place in the miracle crusades. Those […]


Giving Your All to Love Jesus

By Benny Hinn God uses different people to show different aspects of His love. His love for me in connection with the giving of the Holy Spirit was revealed through the life and ministry of Kathryn Kuhlman. God used her in a wonderful way, and the Holy Spirit touched my heart through her life. Through […]


A Relationship with Jesus

By Benny Hinn Early in my ministry, while I was kneeling in prayer, God gave me a vision that seemed as real as life itself. I saw myself standing alone, totally crippled. My body was twisted and there was a dark atmosphere that surrounded me. Close to me stood Jesus. He was uttering only one […]


The Irresistible Power of Faith

By Benny Hinn Volumes have been written, more volumes have been spoken regarding that indefinable something called “faith.” Yet in the final analysis, we actually know so little of the subject. Faith is that quality or power by which the things desired become the things possessed. That is the nearest to a definition of faith […]


The Day of Atonement and You

As part of the Exodus from Egypt—recorded in Exodus 12—God instituted seven feasts. These feasts are detailed in Leviticus 23, where God instructed the children of Israel on how He wanted them to hold these seven holy gatherings each year. He established these special days on the Jewish calendar so the people would need to […]