Shed in the Woods

The Value of God’s Word

By Greg Laurie I read an interesting story about an old miner who had lived the life of a hermit deep in the mountains of Colorado. When he died, some of his distant relatives came to collect his valuables. They arrived to find a miner’s shack with an outhouse behind it. Inside the shack there […]

prophecy fulfilled

332 Prophecies Fulfilled

From the beginning of time our Father has given us so many examples of His eternal love being poured out upon each of us. One of the best, most understandable pictures comes from the Old Testament. I have complied more than three hundred prophecies given in the Old Testament, fulfilled in the New Testament to […]

Study of the Word

The Word of God leads us into a deeper revelation of our heavenly Father and a greater faith. It is vital that we take time to daily read God’s Word. The Word equips us with knowledge and the power of God to walk in victory. All the foundations for the final twenty-seven books of the […]

Drawing Near to God

Who is God? What is He like? Every fledgling believer asks those questions-the answers he finds evoke wonder and praise. Do you remember that time? Your appetite for truth was insatiable, you attended every Bible conference you could, and you were faithfully involved in every ministry and program the church had to offer. Everything you […]