Investing Time in Intercession

To walk with the Holy Ghost, you must be willing to pay the price.

What is that price? You must be willing to walk away from things of the world that would separate you from the Lord.

Remember, the Lord will not reveal Himself to an individual who is always in a hurry. Nor will He reveal Himself to an individual who places a time limit on Him.

His fellowship is not cheap. Jesus went to the cross of Calvary that we might be able to become God’s redeemed children. A great price was paid for you that you might have fellowship with Him. Going deeper with the Holy Spirit costs even more.

Many try to enter into His presence by saying:

“I have ten minutes and that is all.”

Paying the price means giving your whole self, including your valuable time to Him. We must rid ourselves of all other things that are on our minds when we seek to enter into His presence.

God is not looking for a people who rush in and rush out, as if punching a spiritual time clock.

He is looking to anoint those individuals who are sensitive to Him and to His desire for unhampered fellowship.