A True Heart

By Andrew Murray

The preaching of the Gospel always begins with repentance and faith.

Man cannot receive God’s grace by faith if, at the same time, sin is not forsaken.

In the progress of the life of faith, this law is always binding. The “full assurance of faith” cannot be reached without “a true heart,” a heart that is wholly honest with God, that is surrendered entirely to Him.

The Holiest cannot be entered without “a true heart,” a heart that is truly desirous of seeking what it claims to seek.
“Let us draw near with a true heart”—a heart that truly desires to forsake everything to dwell in the Holiest, and forsaking everything, to possess God; a heart that truly abandons everything in order to yield itself to the authority and power of the blood; a heart that truly chooses the “new and living way” in order to go through the veil with Christ by the tearing of the flesh; a heart that truly and entirely gives itself to the indwelling and lordship of Jesus.