Where is Your Faith

Fear is unknown in heaven because God is there. He is on the earth, too, because he is omnipresent. Therefore, we can conquer fear.

God is not afraid, and those who believe in him should not be afraid. Whoever has God’s spirit in him has the spiritual part of heaven in him. It is the spirit that controls all things, even fear.

Jesus is with those who use their faith today just as he was with people who believed 2,000 years ago. One of the greatest examples of this is when Jesus stilled the tempest on the Sea of Galilee. He commanded his 12 disciples to get into a boat with him and go to the other side. They sailed away. They were happy and relaxed. Suddenly, a storm came up and they were afraid.

As the storm increased, their fear increased. Soon they were seized with panic and filled with wild imagination. They forgot Jesus and imagined that no one cared whether they went over or went under.

Although they had every reason not to be afraid, they allowed themselves to develop fear. Why? First, they forgot that Jesus was with them and, second, they failed to use their faith. The believing they could have used that they could not go under for going over, they used to fill themselves with fear that they couldn’t go over for going under.

Their cry of fear awakened Jesus, who was asleep in the back part of the boat. He arose and stilled the tempest. When they reached the other side, he asked them this one question, a question that comes ringing across the centuries, “Where is your faith?”

They did not answer Jesus. Instead they said one to another, “What manner of man is this! for he commandeth even the winds and water and they obey him.”

Jesus was seeking to get these 12 men to recognize their responsibility to use their faith during life’s emergencies. Had they used their faith, they would not have become afraid. The storm would not have scared them out of their wits or caused them to go to pieces or made them accuse Jesus of not caring whether they lived or died.

Jesus’ only reproof was, “Where is your faith?”

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