Breaking Through in Prayer

By Chuck D. Pierce, President of Glory of Zion International Ministries

To break means to cause to come apart by force; to separate in pieces by shattering; to burst and force one’s way through, resulting in splitting a barrier; to interrupt or bring about suspension of an operation. There are times when God calls us to use prayer to break the power of the enemy over an area of our lives or over a city or territory.

The enemy will often attempt to ensnare us in a vicious cycle through adverse circumstances. Satan will attempt to weaken our faith, disillusion us and keep us going around Mount Sinai until we are so weary that we may forget there is a Promised Land. We can see a similar sense of desperation come over a territory that Satan has held captive for a period of time.

We must use the power of breakthrough prayer to smash the vicious cycle of unbelief and declare a breaking of the enemy’s scheme. This type of prayer is important to understand and employ for the future war of the Church.